Infrastructure Services

Our approach to “Stabilize, Standardize and Continuous Improvement” is the key to our success – and allows organizations to optimize their use of technology. Select a category below for more information.

Infrastructure Assessments

What hardware do I need to replace and when? We can perform an inventory of each piece of hardware and software in your environment, then make recommendations on whether to upgrade, replace, or leave in place. This helps us better understand your technology and partner with you to develop short and long-term technology plans.

Backup and Recovery

Things go wrong. Power outages, inadvertant user error, viruses, hardware failures… all having the potential to take systems offline, disrupt your business and lose data. We can help you create an effective backup and recovery strategy or improve your existing one. We do this through:

  • Risk analysis to identify potential vulnerabilities
  • Building redundancy to eliminate critical points of failure
  • High-availability solutions for mission-critical applications
  • Surge protection and uninterruptible power supplies

Prevention is our first priority and then our focus is on ensuring your systems return to operation quickly without losing data.

Remote Support and Monitoring

Our technical staff can help provide prompt remote desktop support to clients when remote assistance is all that’s needed. In addition, we can monitor and proactively manage your computer network, insuring optimal performance.

Infrastructure Design and Implementation

The design and implementation of a system will involve more than just Nexphase personnel; your personnel will be part of the implementation team. This will familiarize key client staff with the new system, and help facilitate knowledge transfer.

Server Management

Nexphase Technology Group understands how vital your server environment is to the life of your business; that’s why we deploy advanced tools to help us monitor the most critical aspects of your server environment and manage the performance of your servers on-demand and in real time. We offer Maintenance plans that include critical monitoring and maintenance required on a regular basis, and our partnerships with Microsoft and other vendors help us to provide you the right solution.

Desktop Management

Nexphase Technology Group can provide a complete desktop support and management solution for every computer in your organization. We use proactive tools and service processes to ensure your computers are protected from threats and functioning properly. We are also authorized to sell Dell, Microsoft, VMware, Symantec, APC and many other products to help you select the right solution the first time.